WOW! is an organization that aims to empower and promote creativity in students around the world through friendly, fun and challenging competitions.

A huge part of developing a creative talent has to do with exploring, trying things out, failing, seeing what works and what doesn’t. Schools most certainly know this and try to encourage their students to follow these paths of exploration. However, this can sometimes become a dilemma for students who need to balance their desire for experimentation with good grades.

After months or even years of working with the same people, getting feedback from the same classmates and the same teachers, it can also get increasingly hard to think out of the box without unconsciously falling for a certain style.

WOW! competitions offer students the chance to create without the pressure of grades while also giving them the opportunity to work side by side with different teammates and get feedback from a much broader panel of colleagues and professionals.

We aim to complement and enrich the learning experience of those talented minds that are just finding out what their passion in life is and that will, without a doubt, shape the world we live in in the years to come.

It’s time to let your mind create and do what you really love to do 😉

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