Instagram’s new branding campaign is a reflection of a shift in social media consumption habits on a global scale.

What does it have to do with finding your business PURPOSE?

Instagram launched a global branding campaign called ‘Yours to Make’ and the web reactions split into two camps. Facebook claims the aim of the campaign is “a celebration of the good that can come from connecting with communities and interests on Instagram.”

Shared interests pave the way to new connections and friendships, create space for more self-expression and boost creativity.

The people opinion is split into two camps. On one side, there’s a supportive and appreciative response for the acknowledgement of the real meaning of this social app – the deeper connection with people alike, friends and larger communities. 

Yours to Make showcases how you can explore who you are with Instagram. For young people, identity isn’t defined, it’s something that’s constantly explored. Whether that means connecting more deeply with the people that matter to you, discovering and experimenting with new interests, or sharing your perspective, however, work in progress it may be.”


But part of the audience doesn’t seem to be convinced and asks: Is the real aim of the campaign to show younger generations that Instagram is a safe space to create and share?

Is Instagram simply trying to convince younger generations that it is cool and the place to be, for its own growth? Not to offer a safe space to express ideas, create unique content, and engage in meaningful connections and creation of communities, but for its own sake?

Since becoming part of Facebook Instagram is put under the same scrutiny as the social media giant and is judged by the same bias of lack of transparency and credibility. Younger people are more attracted by the smaller “rebel” apps like Tiktok and Snapchat, which are also guiding innovation in the social media world. Filters, stories, reels, video and photo that are automatically deleted after the receiver views them. 

Facebook and its apps seem to be more busy catching pop than creating authentic new features. Will this global campaign help Instagram take steps into getting rid of Facebook’s shadow is to be seen.

Joining the ongoing debate on the goal of this campaign, my question is: Will ‘Yours to Make’ raise awareness among the content creators, that the PURPOSE of the message is KEY?

If Instagram succeeds in repositioning the brand image, will this ultimately lead to more creativity, more content for the benefit of the user, more real engagement? This outcome would be a win-win for everyone.


In my experience, there is no better Instagram strategy than creating content with purpose. While I often hear the objection that, for a business, the purpose is always the economic return, I do believe that in modern-day society this is not enough to survive.

A business needs a bigger and higher goal to exist, of which profit is a pleasant CONSEQUENCE. This is especially true after the last few pandemic years, which forced all of us – on a worldwide level! – to an inner retrospective. This created a massive and unprecedented shift in consumer behaviour across all industries, with inevitable repercussions on the social media world.

Global shift in social media consumption habits

If a few years ago the buzz was about “bringing back the social to social media”, today it’s all about “bringing back the value to each and every social interaction on social media”. We got used to living partially online, and what we need now, as social media consumers, is fewer but deeper connections.

In the Instagram realm, this means that creating content to simply inform the end-user of your service, or showcase the product is not enough. Brands need to create moments for engagement. That’s when the bigger PURPOSE comes into the spotlight. 

Users do not simply want to engage with a brand to increase their profit, they want to engage with a higher PURPOSE of the brand.

Is it SUSTAINABILITY or making people lives MORE FUN, bringing REVOLUTION to the fashion industry, or making beautiful FASHION items that help feel more sophisticated or happy?

PURPOSE is the key to creating long term passionate relationships with your customers. 

Find yours and start your social media communication by sharing that PURPOSE!

Communicate your business with the same passion you created it, to connect with your audience on a deeper and meaningful level!

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