Instagram’s new branding campaign is a reflection of a shift in social media consumption habits on a global scale.

What does it have to do with finding your business PURPOSE? Instagram launched a global branding campaign called ‘Yours to Make’ and the web reactions split into two camps. Facebook claims the aim of the campaign is “a celebration of the good that can come from connecting with communities and interests on Instagram.” Shared interestsContinue reading “Instagram’s new branding campaign is a reflection of a shift in social media consumption habits on a global scale.”

Help: What should I post on my feed?

Instagram tips for personal brands Have you heard that the best way to optimise your Instagram profile is to show up consistently? Let’s suppose you did and you worked hard on learning all about your clients and all about their problems and you of course know that you have the solution! But do you alsoContinue reading “Help: What should I post on my feed?”

Social Media tactics to follow in 2021

We are facing the dawn of 2021 a year, many eagerly waited for. 2020 marked by a global pandemic swept through our lives taking away many of the certainties and especially drastically changing the way we live and the way technology interweaves with our day to day life.  If only a year ago we wouldContinue reading “Social Media tactics to follow in 2021”

Befriending Instagram algorithm in 2021

How can I make a breach in the ocean of content”  Is the algorithm a friend or a foe?  It is no news that with the world moving online the amount of content created and published across all social media channels is sky-high and it is always harder to make your content stand out. InstagramContinue reading “Befriending Instagram algorithm in 2021”

How to create Social Media management process

Running social media might seem just overwhelming no matter if you work alone or in a team.  Are you tired of creating contents just to see them go unnoticed, filling in social media calendars to then forget to create or to post the content? “Oh is it due already? Was I responsible for this one?Continue reading “How to create Social Media management process”