Fall head over heals for social media

 The 4 weeks online course will be running in the free Beta version for the first time, starting in February ( the month of love :)).

Online visibility task is often seen as daunting and it requiring of too much time and effort. You feel friction when it comes to promoting and selling your services or products and this blocks you from reaching full potential for your business.

This 4-week course is designed to help entrepreneurs find their own way to be on social media to promote and grow their business with ease.

In these 4 weeks, you will learn

  • how social media works, and dive behind the scenes of algorithm theatre, this will help identify fears and myths surrounding social media and allow you to find your own unique way of doing it.
  • learn how to unleash your creativity and simplify content creation
  • Find your flow and build a solid raft that will keep you floating in it

The keyword for this course is #Ease.

No friction, but a process you can enjoy, repeat and scale when needed.

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