Digital Strategy for Purpose – Driven Entrepreneurs

Fall in love with your business again

At “Aim to WOW” the fundamental idea is creating the synergy between dream and do, between creative ideas and efficiency of online sales and marketing with a goal to give direction to the creative force so it leads to measurable results.

If a purpose-driven business can harness the power of the passion behind it, growth becomes seamless.

What is holding you back from being effective with your visibility is the lack of strategy.

On your way to growth you need to master the art of planning and directing your efforts to achieve desired results.

What if you had a UNIQUE, REPEATABLE and SCALABLE social media strategy based on your business DNA?

“You have a destination far beyond where you find yourself standing today.”

Guy Finley
Feeling lost, eyes covered, can not find the way

Feeling stuck in a hamster’s wheel with your online marketing and sales efforts?

The constant struggle to produce content, and lack of inspiration and motivation is what makes even most successful entrepreneurs lose their motivation with social media.

Is it upgrading your social media game or clarifying your message? The first step is understanding what you really need.

What are You trying to achieve? What is the best way to get there?

When you know your destination finding the best way to get there is a breeze

What people are saying

“Ugne helps people keep their purpose at the heart of their business as they grow. She warns that purpose is often overlooked when business starts to grow and “the urgent eclipses the important.” I highly recommend her as a purpose-driven growth mentor.”

— Claudio Dipolitto

“Ugne is knowledgeable and up-to-date with all the latest marketing tools and strategies, which is what you’d probably expect from any valuable professional offering a service. But she also has a rare quality, which makes her stand out from the crowd: the unique ability to communicate and explain, with great clarity, using simple terminology, metaphors and use cases from daily life, allowing you to grasp strategies and marketing concepts.”

— Elena Zaffaroni


Digital Strategy Wellness

Are you a purpose – driven entrepreneur and feel stuck with your online visibility?

Digital strategy wellness is a package of a hands-on digital strategy tailored to your unique Business DNA and a 4-week personalised follow-up designed to unlock your full growth potential and turn your struggles upside down.

Hands on help

a personalized service designed to give your business the extra support it needs. A strategy session or a few days of marketing expertise in-house?

Do you find yourself wishing for an extra pair of hands and eyes on your content strategy or content creation? Are you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about how to reach your overall growth goals? Look no further.

Fall head over heels for social media!

Online visibility task is often seen as daunting and it requiring of too much time and effort. You feel friction when it comes to promoting and selling your services or products and this blocks you from reaching full potential for your business.

This 4-week course is designed to help entrepreneurs find their own way to be on social media to promote and grow their business with ease. Together we will keep the frustration at bay for good.

Find your flow, and enjoy visibility and business results.